Preventing Pacifiers From Destroying Your Child's Dental Health

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If you are thinking about using a pacifier to help calm your baby, you should be aware that pacifiers can be detrimental to your child's oral health in the long run. Here are some questions you should know the answers to before you decide to use a pacifier to calm your young child. When should my child stop using a pacifier? You should discontinue the use of a pacifier when your child reaches the age of two.

18 June 2015

Chipped Tooth? Everything You Need To Know In Order To Save Your Smile

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Chipped teeth can occur for a number of reasons. It may be caused while playing sports or it could be a result of a bad habit, such as nail biting or biting on pens. Regardless, if your tooth suffers a chip, you need to know what you should do in order to save your smile. Read on to learn more about chipped teeth, your potential solutions, self-care tips and prevention advice.

2 June 2015

Men And Young Adults: The Changing Faces Of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic procedures are traditionally associated with upper class, middle-aged women. Yet, more and more men and young adults are seeking out these procedures. Here is a look at why these two groups are increasingly turning to cosmetic procedures, and how cosmetic dentistry fits into this changing trend. Men Women are much more likely than men to undergo cosmetic procedures. Yet, in 2014, the number of men reporting cosmetic procedures had increased three times the amount reported fifteen years prior.

13 May 2015

Potential Treatments For A Moderate To Severe Anterior Open Bite

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If you have an anterior open bite, front teeth in the upper and lower halves of the jaw don't come together when you close your mouth. The bite problem usually develops due to forceful tongue thrusting or having sucked your thumb or on a pacifier excessively as a child. An anterior open bite might cause cosmetic concerns. But the moderate to severe forms of this bite problem can also change your facial structure, impede both speech and chewing, and cause decay and tooth pain due to increased exposure to bite force.

20 April 2015

How Is Diabetes Related To Gum Disease?

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Diabetes is well known for its ability to attack various parts of the human body, such as the heart or nerves. In an attempt to keep their disease under control, many diabetic patients take medications, and are thus able to improve the quality of their life. However, diabetes can also generate mouth pain with certain patients. It's not until these individuals have started experiencing mouth pain that they realize that the condition has also affected that body area.

31 March 2015

How To Maintain Your Mouth Guard

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If you are using a mouth guard for the treatment of bruxism, then you should know how to care for the device. Proper care is necessary to keep it safe and free from germs. Caring for a guard involves three major actions namely: Inspection for Damages A damaged mouth guard will not perform its function properly, and it can also cause oral injury when small parts of the material break away.

17 March 2015

5 Dental Situations Emergency Dentists Handle

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There are various oral situations that need to be addressed immediately, but many people usually assume that they have to wait for an appointment. What most people don't realize is that emergency doctors are always there to help before a simple situation turns into a nightmare. You do not have to rush to a dentist every time you experience an oral problem, but there are certain times when ignoring those issues can be extremely injurious to your overall health.

26 February 2015