Benefits Of Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are protective caps that dentists usually place on damaged teeth. The crowns come in various materials, including metal — which is visible — and porcelain that resembles natural teeth.  However, before crown installation, dentists must examine your dental condition's severity to ensure that the crowns will be an effective treatment. These are the pros of dental crown installation.

Prevent Dental Complications

Tooth loss may cause gaps in the mouth. Unfortunately, the adjacent teeth may grow towards the empty tooth socket, leading to misalignment. Remember that crooked teeth tend to look unattractive. Also, food particles hide in hard-to-reach areas around misaligned teeth, increasing the risks of severe dental infections.

Moreover, these dental issues may require more expensive treatments. Dentists can place dental crowns on damaged teeth, which prevents potential problems like misalignment. This helps maintain good dental health and appearance, which saves you money.

Save Teeth

Severe tooth infections may cause tooth loss if the pulp of your tooth, which supplies blood and nutrients, gets infected. This may result in gaps in the mouth. So, you may need more expensive tooth replacement treatments like dental implant surgery. Fortunately, dentists can clean the infected tooth with a disinfectant to eliminate harmful bacteria. Then, the dentists may shape your tooth and install a crown for protection. This prevents further tooth deterioration, preventing tooth loss.

Provides Cosmetic Benefits

Lifestyle choices like smoking and regular darkly pigmented drinks like red wine intake may cause tooth discoloration. Also, a decayed pulp may become grayish-black. Likewise, your teeth can crack or form pits due to physical impact during accidents. This will negatively impact your smile, often resulting in lower self-confidence. Hence, you may avoid social interactions leading to isolation. Gradually, loneliness can cause depression. Crowns can cover damaged teeth, improving your smile and boosting confidence.

Restores Tooth Functions

Tooth cracking and decay may accelerate enamel deterioration or expose the pulp, resulting in sensitivity. Hence, you may feel pain when you take cold or hot drinks. Also, broken or decayed teeth may be painful, resulting in biting and chewing issues for hard foods like nuts. This may limit your diet to only soft foods. Dental crowns can protect damaged teeth, restoring normal tooth functions. Besides, crowns are an effective and long-lasting treatment that keeps your teeth functional for longer.

Dental crowns provide cosmetic benefits, restore tooth functions, prevent dental complications, and save teeth. Consider dental crown installation to realize these benefits.

To learn more about dental crowns, contact a professional dentist in your area.


15 December 2022

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