3 Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Crowns

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A same-day dental crown is a crown that a dentist installs in a single appointment. This is possible due to the various advancements made in the dentistry industry. For instance, dentists use CAD technology to design a dental crown in a few minutes. Unfortunately, only a few people are familiar with same-day dental crowns, making it hard for them to track dentists who offer these services. Here are three benefits of same-day dental crowns.

They are Convenient and Fast

In the past, patients would wait weeks before their dental crown was made. The crown took time because they were made in an off-site laboratory and involved multiple logistics. However, a same-day dental crown service is fast and convenient. You only have to book an appointment and your crown will be ready in a few minutes. Another benefit is that you don't have to cancel your day's plans for your dental crown appointment. The same-day dental crown takes less time and is suitable for patients with tight schedules.

Eliminates the Need for a Temporary Crown

Before same-day dental crowns were introduced, patients relied on temporary crowns while they waited for the permanent crown. The main drawback of these temporary crowns is that they were uncomfortable. For instance, it made it hard for patients to chew or brush their teeth. Sometimes the crowns would fall off, forcing patients to visit a dentist to ensure the crown is re-installed and well-fitted. It was also strenuous because the dentist would remove the temporary crown before installing the new one. However, with a same-day dental crown, you won't need a temporary crown. The dentist will design the crown and insert it on the same day, eliminating the hassle of having a temporary crown.

They Offer High Precision When Designing the Crown

Another benefit of a same-day dental crown is that it's precise. Before designing your dental crown, the dentist will take your teeth impression. It ensures the crown is well-aligned and fits your mouth. They also take multiple pictures of the teeth to be rectified and the surrounding teeth and gums to get a digital impression of your teeth. The dentist will then use these teeth impressions to design the crown using CAD technology. This technology is precise, making it easy to design the perfect crown. Additionally, since it takes less time to create a dental crown, the doctor can repeat the process multiple times to design the perfect crown. A same-day dental crown is precise because it uses CAD technology that relies on your teeth's impressions to create the perfect crown.

To learn more about same-day dental crowns, reach out to a local clinic.


15 December 2022

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