How To Care For Your Teeth After Professional Whitening

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Planning on getting your teeth professionally whitened so that you can have instant results? If so, know that there are a few things that you need to know about aftercare so that your teeth can look and feel great.

Avoid Cold Foods And Beverages

You'll want to avoid cold beverages for the next few days after a whitening treatment is performed. This is because your teeth are going to be very sensitive, and those cold beverages can cause them to feel uncomfortable. Try to drink water at room temperature so that you do not have any issues with sensitivity and stay hydrated. 

You should also consider temperatures in your meal planning as well. Anything that can be eaten at room temperature is going to be a better choice than something that is hot or cold. Even letting a meal cool down can help with the sensitivity that biting into something hot can cause. 

Know that any sensitivity should always get better and never get worse. It should improve over a couple of days, and eventually reach the point of how they felt before the whitening process was performed. 

Use Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

It's a good idea to get some sensitive teeth toothpaste to use right after the procedure. This type of toothpaste is designed to reduce that increased sensitivity that you are experiencing, and can give you some much-needed relief. Sensitive teeth toothpaste works by closing up the small dentin tubules that are in your teeth. They are essentially microscopic holes that you can't see but allow the coldness to seep in and cause an unpleasant sensation. While it may not make sensitivity go away completely, it will help with getting through the next couple of days. 

Avoid Acidic And Dark Foods

You should be given a list of foods and beverages that you can eat during the initial days after the whitening procedure because your teeth are more at risk of becoming stained during that time period. You'll want to stay away from things that are acidic, such as coffees, sodas, beers, wine, and juices. When it comes to foods, stay away from processed meats, oils, ketchup, and pastries. Berries can also be very dark and cause teeth stains. Thankfully, you'll only need to avoid these things for a few days while your teeth are most at risk of becoming stained. 

Reach out to a cosmetic dentist if you have more questions about aftercare. 


26 July 2022

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