Will Orthodontic Treatment Damage Your Dental Crowns?

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Anyone needing braces to adjust the misalignment of their teeth needs to consider any restorations that have been added to their teeth. In most cases, any restoration that doesn't affect the tooth's root won't prevent the tooth from being repositioned, and this includes work such as fillings, dental veneers, or dental crowns. But will your dental crowns really be unaffected once dental braces are bonded to them?

Orthodontic Treatment With Dental Crowns

When braces are added to teeth with dental crowns, two scenarios are likely:

  • Your teeth will respond to the pressure exerted on them by your braces, repositioning as anticipated, without damaging your dental crowns. 
  • The brackets attached to your crowns will cause minor surface damage to the crown's ceramic surface, such as small scratches. 

Obviously, the first scenario is ideal. But what happens if your orthodontic work damages your dental crowns?

If a Crown Becomes Damaged During Orthodontic Treatment

Any damage will be noted during one of your regular orthodontic checkups. Even small surface imperfections can be a problem as it creates an inaccessible crevice where bacteria can accumulate, jeopardizing your other teeth (even though the crown itself isn't susceptible to decay). Depending on how far into your orthodontic treatment you are, you may not need any interventions. Your orthodontist will refer you back to your dentist once your treatment has concluded so that the crown can be replaced. It's a different story if the damage occurs during the early stages of your treatment.

The Benefits of a Temporary Crown

For this early-stage damage, your orthodontist will recommend that you see your dentist. Your braces may need to be temporarily removed for treatment (which will only take a matter of hours, so it won't affect your orthodontic progress). Your dentist may opt to fit a temporary crown, which will generally be acrylic. Some patients choose acrylic crowns as a permanent restoration. They're simply not as durable as their ceramic counterparts and are more susceptible to discoloration. However, a temporary acrylic crown can protect your tooth for the duration of your orthodontic treatment. If it's damaged, this is hardly a major issue since the crown is intended to be replaced once your teeth have been successfully realigned.

Your orthodontic work can still get underway when you have dental crowns since they don't encompass the tooth's root and still permit repositioning. But any damage to the crown during your treatment will need to be addressed.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for dental crown services near you. 


24 February 2022

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