3 Reasons Baby Tooth Extraction May Be Needed

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Baby teeth are the foundation of your child's dental health, and pediatric dentists will do everything they can to preserve baby teeth. However, in rare cases the removal of a baby tooth may be the right option for your child's health. Here is a parents' guide to three reasons baby tooth extraction may be needed.

1. Tooth Decay or Infection

Pediatric dentists have extensive experience treating tooth decay in primary teeth. Unfortunately, techniques such as fillings and root canals cannot save every tooth. If damage to the nerves or tissues around a baby tooth are too extensive, extraction may be the only option.

Babies and toddlers are susceptible to a dental problem known as baby bottle tooth decay. This is tooth decay focused in the front teeth caused by prolonged exposure to sugars and bacteria on bottles and pacifiers. To reduce the risk of baby bottle tooth decay, don't allow your child to go to bed with juice or other sugary drinks.

2. Dental Trauma

Cracked and chipped teeth in children are a common side effect of playtime and learning to chew. Cracked dental enamel can pose the same risk of losing a tooth as severe cavities. Both types of dental damage expose the sensitive internal structures of the tooth to air and bacteria.

After any type of dental trauma, your child should see a pediatric dentist as soon as possible for a close examination of the extent of the damage. Dentists can assess factors like the size and depth of the dental pocket and the health of the periodontal ligament to determine if extraction will be necessary.

3. Correct Eruption of Permanent Teeth

The alignment of the baby teeth has a significant impact on the final angle and position of the permanent teeth. Permanent teeth follow the channel through the gum tissue created by the baby teeth.

Extracting misaligned baby teeth can prevent problems like crowded or impacted permanent teeth before they occur. A pediatric dentist can recognize signs of misalignment or incorrect eruption in your child's primary teeth that could lead to more serious dental issues later in life.

Baby tooth extraction is rarely required, but it is sometimes the most effective way to get your child's dental health on the right track. Remember to keep to a regular schedule of dental visits for your child so that a pediatric dentist can provide personalized recommendations for your child's dental needs. Contact pediatric dental specialists in your area to learn more.


30 November 2021

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