Missing Several Teeth? How They Can Be Replaced

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If you are missing several teeth due to tooth decay, this can make it difficult to eat and even to talk. Fortunately, you have options to get your teeth replaced, two of which are listed below.

See A Prosthodontist

Before you start looking into options of having your teeth replaced you should visit a prosthodontist. This is a dentist that specializes in treating a variety of dental problems. This includes replacing missing teeth, as well as any other teeth you have that may be damaged. These dentists specialize in things like dental implants, dentures, bridges, crowns, and more.  Ask your dentist to refer you to a prosthodontist. 

Options for Replacing Teeth

There are many options when it comes to replacing teeth including dental implants and bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one option you have for replacing missing teeth. This is beneficial as dental implants are like real teeth.  The implants are in three separate parts: the post, abutment, and crown. The post is generally made of a titanium screw. The prosthodontist surgically inserts the screw into your jawbone to replace the root of the tooth that is missing. You must have enough jawbone for this to be done so the prosthodontist will take X-rays of your jaw to make sure. The abutment connects the post and the crown together. The dental crown is then placed over the abutment to act as your artificial tooth. The first crown placed over the abutment is only temporary and will stay on for a few months because your jawbone will take a few months to heal enough to put in the permanent dental implant.  Once the permanent implant is in place it can last you throughout your lifetime, and you can treat these implants like your natural teeth.


Another option you have is a dental bridge, which fills the missing teeth with false teeth. The bridge is made of dental crowns. The prosthodontist first places a crown on each tooth that is next to the missing teeth. This is to provide support for false teeth. Once the bridge is in place, the false teeth, also known as pontics, are put in place. The false teeth can be made of porcelain, alloys, or gold. Getting a bridge is not as expensive as dental implants, but they will not last throughout your lifetime as the dental crowns can wear down over time. You also must be careful when brushing and flossing your teeth with a dental bridge. Dental bridges work well if your missing teeth are right next to each other. If you are missing teeth in different areas, such as one upper tooth and one lower tooth, dental implants will work better.

Talk with the prosthodontist about these options, as well as other options you have to replace your missing teeth. 


13 September 2021

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