A Peg-Shaped Tooth: Causes And Solutions

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It's impossible for two people to have identical sets of teeth, and your teeth are like your fingerprints in that respect. Your smile, flaws and all, is entirely yours. Some people embrace these flaws, making them almost a signature look, since the issue may not affect the functionality of their teeth. Other flaws may not be quite so pleasing and can affect the normal function of the teeth. This might apply to you if one of your teeth is shaped like a peg.

Localized Microdontia

A peg-shaped tooth in your smile is generally a form of microdontia. This is a condition in which the tooth is smaller than it should be. Instead of growing to the expected size and shape (such as a fairly uniform incisor tooth or a pointed canine tooth), the tooth instead resembles a peg. This is often hereditary, although there are some genetic disorders that can cause this localized form of microdontia. Does it need to be corrected?

Your Bite Pattern

In many cases, the issue is strictly cosmetic, with the notable difference of the tooth standing out too much. It may also impact the functionality of your bite, due to the irregular shape and size of the tooth. While the tooth may not cause any significant problems with your bite at present, this may become a concern in the future. If you decide to have your localized microdontia corrected, what are your options?

Reshaping the Tooth

The shape and size of a peg-shaped tooth are corrected with cosmetic dentistry. There are two key ways in which a dentist can modify the tooth, with the best option being determined by your specific circumstances.

  • The tooth can have its mass increased with dental bonding, which is when the tooth is built up using dental resin. The resin is shaped to form the optimal shape for the tooth in question and is then light-cured so that it dries and hardens instantly.
  • When dental bonding is inappropriate (which can be the case if the tooth is especially small), a dental crown becomes the preferred form of restoration. A porcelain crown in the best shape and size for the tooth is fabricated and then permanently bonded over the tooth.

It's reasonably quick and easy for a dentist to correct a tooth affected by localized microdontia. If that peg in your smile is causing some embarrassment, it might be time to consult your dentist. For more information, reach out to a local cosmetic dentistry office, like Koehn Dentistry & Aesthetics.


30 July 2021

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