3 Mistakes To Avoid When Whitening Your Own Teeth At Home

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If your teeth have started looking dull, you may decide that you want to try an at-home method of whitening them. However, before you start applying any product, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could lead to either uneven results or damaged teeth.

1.  Forgetting to Brush and Floss Beforehand

Especially when you are preparing for your first treatment, you may be eager to apply the product so you can see the results afterward. However, before you rush into whitening your teeth, do not forget to thoroughly brush and floss them first.

If you use a whitening product on teeth that have any residual food stuck on the surface, the bleach in the product will not penetrate underneath the food. Instead, it will absorb into the food, leaving the enamel underneath untouched. You may end up with dull spots on your teeth after the application, giving you uneven results.

2.  Leaving the Product on for Too Long

Even if the directions for the whitening product you select gives you a specific maximum time for which to leave it on, you may decide that leaving it on for a little bit longer each time will give you brighter results. However, leaving the product on your teeth for too long could have adverse results.

While the bleach used in teeth whiteners is generally safe for most types of teeth, there is a limit on how long it can be in direct contact with the enamel. After that time period, the bleach can start to break down the enamel, causing erosion that could lead to weaker teeth and eventual decay. Make sure you never go past the time listed in the instructions to minimize this risk.

3.  Whitening Your Teeth Too Often

Since you know that you should not exceed the time limit for each application, you may decide that you can still speed up your whitening results by treating your teeth more often. However, doing so could be just as bad as leaving the whitener on for too long.

When you increase the frequency of your treatments, you add even more time that your teeth are exposed to the bleach, which could then speed up your enamel's erosion. Never whiten your teeth more often than what is recommended by the directions.

Even if you don't make the above mistakes, you may still wind up damaging your teeth by trying to whiten them yourself. Instead, you should consider having your teeth professionally done by a dentist who offers teeth whitening services, such as at Pinon Hills Dental.


11 January 2019

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