Why Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

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Does taking a bite of ice-cream make you twinge because of the sensitivity you feel with your teeth? If so, you probably suffer from tooth sensitivity, and there are a lot of reasons you may have this. Tooth sensitivity is a treatable condition, but the dentist will want to find out what is causing it before he or she offers a treatment option. Here are some of the main things that can cause tooth sensitivity.

Receding gum lines

One of the purposes your gums serve is to cover the teeth and hold them in place. Covering the teeth is an important task for the gums, primarily because the covered parts of teeth do not have enamel on them like the exposed parts. Because of this, these parts of the teeth are very sensitive. When the gums recede, they reveal these sensitive parts of the teeth, and this is a common cause of tooth sensitivity.

Cracked tooth

If you have a cracked tooth in your mouth, this particular tooth might be extremely sensitive. This is because a crack in a tooth exposes the inner parts of the tooth, and these parts are also very sensitive.

The use of whitening products

Using whitening products on your teeth is a great way to gain a whiter smile; however, using too many products can leave your teeth feeling very sensitive. This happens for several reasons. One of the reasons is due to the bleaching agent coming in contact with the tissue near teeth. Another reason is due to the fact that teeth whitening agents often cause the inner parts of teeth to be revealed, and this will leave the teeth feeling more sensitivity.

Enamel erosion

One other common cause of tooth sensitivity is enamel erosion. Enamel erosion is the process of the enamel coming off the teeth. When this occurs, the inner parts of the teeth are exposed, and this causes sensitivity. Enamel erosion can happen for many reasons, and one of the causes is from using too many teeth-whitening products. Grinding your teeth can also cause enamel erosion, and you can also get it from eating too many foods that are highly acidic in nature.

If you are not sure what is causing your sensitivity, contact a dental clinic. Meeting with a dentist is a great step to take to find out what is causing this problem and how you can treat it. Contact a clinic today to schedule a visit. For more information, contact a company like Summit Oral Surgery.


29 May 2018

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