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Losing a few teeth can be embarrassing if they were located at the front of your mouth, but the problem is more stressful when all of your teeth are missing. Dentures are a fast and easy way to replace missing teeth, but they are not the most ideal if you don't want to regularly remove them. It is worth investing in a cosmetic dentistry technique that gives you a full set of artificial teeth that does not have to be removed. You can then be proud of your replacement teeth without the possibility of them falling out when least expected. This article discusses the All-in-4 cosmetic dentistry procedure that is a permanent method for replacing missing teeth.

How Does All-in-4 Artificial Teeth Stay in Place?

The procedure that is used for the All-in-4 cosmetic dentistry technique is similar to getting single dental implants. You will receive 8 metal posts in the jawbones at the top and bottom of your mouth. Four of the posts will be installed on the bottom, and the other four will go on the top. The posts are used for keeping the artificial teeth in place just like natural tooth roots. The artificial teeth will not move or fall out once they have been attached to the posts.

Does the All-in-4 Procedure Take Long to Complete?

Unlike the typical cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves dental implants, there will not be a long wait before completion. The All-in-4 technique is one of the fastest methods for getting permanent artificial teeth. You can basically make an appointment with a dentist and enjoy a full set of artificial teeth on the same day of the procedure. What makes the procedure fast to complete is that there is not need to wait for your jawbones and gums to heal for months before the artificial teeth are installed. The All-in-4 procedure will take a few hours to complete based on the dentist that you go to.

Will People Know That the Teeth Are Artificial?

People will have a difficult time determining if the teeth in your mouth are real or not. The artificial teeth will appear as though they have naturally grown out of your gums. Another thing that makes the teeth appear natural is the color. You will actually be able to choose a shade that is bright and white, or can choose a shade that isn't so bright. Some people prefer a shade of white that isn't so bright due to the natural appearance that it gives.

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30 January 2018

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