What Are Implant Crowns And How Are They Used?

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Dental implants are often used to restore permanent teeth that have been lost. The implants can be applied to support multi-teeth appliances, but they are also used to replace individual teeth in single-tooth restorations. 

Each implant is a replacement for a missing tooth root. The implant is inserted into the bone of the jaw. There, the bone cells grow around the implant, fusing with the titanium device. The fusing of the implant to the jawbone occurs over a period of several months. Once the fusion process is complete, the implant is securely in place. 

Still, the implant only replaces the root of the missing tooth. To fully restore a tooth and its functionality, an implant crown must be applied. Here is a bit of information about implant crowns to help you better understand them:

Implant Crowns Can Be Made Of Various Materials

Dental crowns, including implant crowns, are often made of many different types of material, such as porcelain, zirconium, porcelain-over-metal, or resin. Most implant crowns are tooth-colored, so the replacement tooth matches the color of the patient's other teeth. However, crowns made of metal and other non-white materials are still suitable to cover a dental implant. Nevertheless, for an implant that is used to replace a tooth near the front of the mouth, a tooth-colored implant crown is often preferred. 

Implant Crowns May or May Not Be Needed When the Implant is Used to Support a Multi-Teeth Device

When an implant is used to support a device that replaces multiple teeth, the need for an implant crown depends on the type of device used. Implant crowns are typically not needed for implant-supported dentures. The supporting implants are fitted with connectors that attach to mechanisms on the underside of the dentures to hold the dentures in place.

When a fixed bridge is used to replace multiple teeth, the implant crowns are actually components of the dental bridge. The bridge includes crowns that fit over existing teeth or dental implants to keep the bridge in position. If dental implants are used to stabilize the bridge, the crowns affix to abutments that are attached to the implants. 

Implant Crowns Can Be Replaced Without Replacing the Underlying Dental Implants

In rare situations, an implant crown can become damaged due to a blow to the mouth, teeth grinding, or other trauma. If the device is damaged, it can be replaced by a new crown, while the existing implant remains.

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8 November 2017

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