How Make Dental Health A Priority In Your Child's Life

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It's no surprise that great dental care contributes to a healthy life. If you are focused on making dental health a priority in your child's life, from brushing to seeing an endodonist here are some ideas that might help you to make that happen.

At Home - The care you give your teeth at home is simple, but it is also sometimes hard to maintain a routine.

  • Brush and floss! Brush and floss!  Over and over again, that's probably one of the most important things you can get your kids to do. Think of making it fun. For example, while your children are in the bathtub, hand them a long piece of dental floss and get them to clean between their teeth while they're soaking.
  • Sugar seems to sneak into your mouth all the time. Show your children that it's not just candy that is loaded with sugar. Sodas and even fruit juices might have more sugar in them than your children could even imagine. Remind them that they should brush after having treats.
  • Think of setting up a poster that will chart your child's daily dental habits. Reward them for consistent dental care. For example, if one of your children really does brush after every meal for one week, he or she can go to the store to pick out something special.

At The Dental Office - Hopefully you have found a dentist that can treat your entire family.

  • Think of calendaring two times per year that you and your children see the dentist. Scheduling dental visits in June and then December means that your kids can go to the dentist during the summer and during the Christmas holidays when they won't have to miss school.
  • Besides your regular dentist, the time might come when your children will need an orthodontist. As your dentist to make a recommendation of one he or she knows that is especially good with young people.
  • If you have older children think of selecting a dentist that will have the skills to remove wisdom teeth when the time comes. 
  • If your dentist doesn't remove wisdom teeth in his practice, he will be happy to recommend an oral surgeon who will do the job.

If your child does have his or her wisdom teeth removed, be ready to give him or her plenty of resting time. Remember to stock up on foods like yogurt and mashed potatoes that are easy for him or her to eat.


11 September 2017

Understanding Dental Problems

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