Benefits Of Choosing Mini Dental Implants Over Larger Root Devices

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Mini dental implants can be used in place of full implant root devices in certain situations. Specifically, they are often used to secure dentures and in cases where the jaw bone is dense and healthy. If you have the option between full implants and miniature versions, then you may wonder why you would choose the smaller ones. Keep reading to learn about some benefits of the mini implants:

They Do Not Require Flaps

Dental implantation does sometimes require a great deal of tissue cutting and this can cause some soft tissue damage in the mouth. Also, the more cutting involved, the greater the chance that an infection can develop or that pain will be more severe than you would like. Mini implants can reduce some of the necessary cutting since full flap creation is not required. The gum flap is where the gums are cut into a strip and then pulled back to reveal the bone. Since mini dental implants are thinner, a smaller space is needed and either singular cuts or a punch opening can be formed. 

You should keep in mind that procedures that involve shorter incisions and punches may require a bit more surgical planning beforehand. Surgical planning involves the use of advanced technology in most cases where the anatomy is mapped out precisely. This will keep your dental professional from setting the implant too close to the other dental roots or puncturing a nerve. 

Advanced planning does not require any extra work on your part, but it may prolong the implant process a bit and lead to a short delay between the time that you speak with the dental professional about the operation and when the procedure can be completed. 

Healing Time Is Reduced

Most people are anxious about the amount of time it takes for dental implants to heal. This is understandable, especially since most people are excited about receiving their artificial implant teeth. You may understand that you will only receive your crown tooth once the implant root and the jaw bone actively integrate with one another. This requires the growth of new bone around the implant root. 

Since typical dental implants are wide and long, the hole in the jaw will also need to be both wide and long. The result is more bone removal and a larger surface area where new bone needs to attach to the implant root. When mini implants are used, the surface area is smaller and integration can occur at a much faster rate. You can then receive your crown tooth in a much more timely manner. 

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20 July 2017

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