3 Reasons To Choose Dental Implants For Tooth Replacement

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While dentures are still one of the most common solutions for replacing missing teeth, they should not be the only option you consider. Dental implants have several advantages over other tooth replacement methods that every dental patient should be aware of. Here are three reasons you may want to choose dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

Indistinguishable from Real Teeth

Modern dentures can come quite close to emulating real teeth. Unfortunately, the plastic that dentures are made from prevents them from looking completely natural, and it also makes them more susceptible to staining over time than your tooth enamel.

Instead of plastic, dental implant crowns are usually made from porcelain or ceramic. These materials match the color and luster of dental enamel almost exactly, and the crown can be shaped to match a real tooth as well. If you maintain good hygiene, you should never have to worry about your implant crown staining. Even if the crown becomes stained, your dentist can polish the crown to return it to a perfect white.

Extreme Comfort

While your dentures may fit perfectly when you first get them, there is always a risk of plastic dentures warping over time. This is especially true if your dentures are allowed to dry out or are exposed to water that is too hot while cleaning them. Even a slight change in the shape of your dentures can lead to constant discomfort and painful sores inside your mouth.

Porcelain and ceramic implant crowns will not change shape after they are installed. Your dentist will sculpt the crowns so that they fit perfectly without scraping against your cheek or adjacent teeth, creating the most comfortable option available for replacing missing teeth.

No Diet Restrictions

One of the most difficult adjustments for people who have recently received dentures is avoiding foods that could damage the dentures. Dentures will often crack from the force of biting with the front teeth on foods such as corn on the cob or apples. Small, hard foods like nuts or popcorn kernels can also cause dentures to crack.

If you choose dental implants, you will never have to worry about changing your diet to protect your dental prosthetic. Implant crowns are too hard to become cracked or chipped by the force of chewing or biting. The base of your implants will fuse with your jawbone after they are installed, so they won't become dislodged no matter what you eat.

Keep the advantages of dental implants in mind so you can have an informed discussion with your dentist and determine whether implants are the right choice for you. Check out websites like http://www.charlottesvilledentistry.com/ for more information.


22 February 2017

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