Tired Of Veneers Or Having Problem? Make A Better Investment

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If you have veneers on your front teeth and you don't like the way they look, it's time to have them changed out. You don't have to replace them with other veneers if you don't like the way the veneers look, or if you have damage to the teeth under the veneers.

Dental implants should be considered as a replacement option for your veneers. Here are some of the things you'll enjoy when you choose to have implants in place of your veneers, and when you replace the existing teeth.

Eliminate Oral Health Worries

By removing the teeth that were filed down to make it easy to bond the veneers, you don't have to worry about cavities or damage to the old, existing teeth. The implants are new and aren't going to get cavities or get stained.

You can also floss easily between the implants, and with veneers it can be difficult to clean the gum tissues as needed. Taking out veneers and using implants helps keep the mouth healthier.

Choose a Better Investment

The implants are a better time and financial investment. The implants can last forever, but the veneers would have to be replaced again in the future. This makes the implants a much better option for your bank account and for the future because you don't want to spend time in a chair having the veneers removed and new ones bonded. Instead, you just need to have the implants tightened on occasion.

Look Natural

The veneers often look oversized because they don't match the other teeth in the mouth. The dental implants are specially created to fit in the space where your old teeth existed, and to mimic the look of your natural teeth. This gives you a normal-looking smile that isn't oversized or awkward, and this makes it easy to talk, eat, and more.

If your veneers are bothering you, if they are loose, or if they need to be removed, don't waste the time or funds to have a new temporary replacement put on in place of them. Instead, take out the old teeth in your mouth that have been stuck under the veneers, and put dental implants in their place. There are so many ways that you can have a healthy and great-looking smile when you make the change and get synthetic implants, and you'll be glad you invested the money and the time to make the switch. Contact a dentist like Aaron G Birch, DDS PC for more information.


18 January 2017

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