Four Good Reasons To Begin Taking Your Child To A Kid Dentist As Soon As The Child Can Walk

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Many times parents wait until their children are almost ready for kindergarten before taking their children to see a dentist for the first time. However, you should seriously consider taking your children to a kid dentist long before that. Here are four good reasons why.

Your Toddler Can Begin to Get Used to Having the Dentist's Fingers in His/Her Mouth

Babies do not seem to mind other fingers in their mouths, but toddlers do. You want your toddler to open wide and allow the dentist and hygienist to do their work. The best way to get your toddler used to this semi-awkward situation is to bring him or her in for the first checkup when your child is still little. That way your child gets to know and trust the dentist and does not fight a dental exam or cleaning.

Young Children Can Hear and Learn about Sounds in the Dental Office

Perhaps the scariest thing for most children is the sound of the drill or other mechanical equipment used in the office. By exposing them to dental offices and procedures very early, your children quickly learn what makes those sounds and learn not to fear them. Learning not to fear the dentist is probably the best reason of all for taking your young children to the dentist early on.

You Can Help Your Children Establish Good Dental Routines

Dental care at home is good, but regular dental visits and cleanings establish other important dental routines. Infrequent visits teach your child that their teeth are not that important and that there is no need to go to a dentist. But, you would want your children to associate dental visits with oral health and cavity prevention, which is exactly what dental visits accomplish.

Your Children Will Know Exactly What to Expect from Future Dental Visits

Once they have met their dentist and spent some time coming in for exams and cleanings, your children will become very familiar with the routines and procedures. They will know exactly what to expect with each new dental visit (at least until they need a cavity filled). In the event that your children need cavities filled or braces installed, they already have a good patient-dentist relationship so that they can relax and feel calm about these new procedures. They can feel at home asking their dentist about the procedures and know that the dentist will do everything possible to alleviate their fears, provide them with a pain-free procedure, and answer their most anxious questions.


6 October 2016

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