Three Tips For Dealing With A Low Pain Tolerance At The Dentist

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If you have a low pain tolerance, you know the difficulty of not being taken seriously when you complain of aches and pains. The truth is that there are people who may be more sensitive in specific areas and have a lower pain tolerance. If you have a low pain tolerance or if you are more sensitive in your mouth and gums, you may experience more discomfort at the dentist. Here are some ways that you can deal with discomfort at the dentist when you need to have your teeth cleaned. 

Take slight over-the-counter pain medication before you go to the dentist

With the approval of your dentist, take a pain medication prior to coming into the office. It is best to ask the dentist which over-the-counter medication can be used so that it will not counteract the effects of any medication that they may need to give you. Take the medicine about an hour before you head to the dentist office to let the effects set in. 

Set a timer and milestone for holding your mouth open

If you have a hard time holding your mouth opened at the dentist office due to pain during the servicing, you and your dentist can set an amount of time that you are comfortable with before you take a break. This time can be just a few minutes with a break for one minute or it can be for a longer amount of time with a longer break. If you are not sure about time limits, have your dental professional stop after cleaning a certain number of teeth, so that you can relax your mouth and jaw. Setting the milestone upfront can help you both understand your needs and keep you from feeling too much pain. 

Ask for laughing gas

If you are anticipating pain during your dental servicing, this can build up your level of anxiety. To calm yourself down so that you can get through the dental servicing, you can ask for laughing gas. Laughing gas will relax you and take away some sense of pain. Ask your dentist to add laughing gas to all of you dental services to make cleaning and routine dental work easy. Be aware that insurance may not pay for the laughing gas due to it being a non-essential, so you may have to add this amount into what you will owe after your servicing. 

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10 August 2016

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