3 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Brush Properly

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Sometimes, children incur more cavities than adults. They seem to have a greater affinity for sweets and junk food, which can promote the development of dental cavities. The simple carbohydrates feed oral bacteria and incite the production of decay-causing acid.

In addition, children sometimes don't brush their teeth properly. They may be too distracted to focus on proper brushing techniques for two full minutes. Still, there are measures that parents can take to help promote proper brushing for their child. Here are a few of them:

Allow your child to select his or her own toothbrush.

Adult toothbrushes can seem boring to a child. However, there are brushes available with cartoon characters and other fun designs that encourage a child to feel that brushing is fun.

In addition, electric toothbrushes can offer a child the excitement of using a special contraption while brushing his or her teeth. Children like electronic devices, and having a toothbrush that vibrates and moves can keep the child interested during a brushing session. Also, the movement of vibrating bristles can help remove more plaque from your child's teeth. Some children have not learned to use small circular motions when brushing, so the electronic toothbrush can help ensure that your little one's teeth are properly cleaned.

Let your child choose the toothpaste.

For your little one, it can be difficult to hold mouth-burning paste in his or her mouth for two minutes. Adult toothpastes often have strong flavorings, such as mint or cinnamon. These flavors do promote good breath, but they can also be irritating to the soft tissues of a young mouth.

Still, there are many toothpastes available for kids that are flavored with tastes that children find palatable, such as cherry, grape, watermelon and bubble gum flavors. If your child likes the taste of his or her toothpaste, he or she is more likely to brush longer.

However, if your child is still young enough to regularly swallow the paste, be sure to use toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. Over-consumption of fluoride can result in accidental poisoning.

Brush along with your little one.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find quality time with your kids. However, brushing alongside your child can allow you to have fun together in the mornings and evenings, while giving you the opportunity to train your child on proper brushing techniques.

As you demonstrate the way that your child should brush, you can correct any deficiencies that you may notice in your child's brushing style. In addition, you can set a timer for your joint brushing session so that your child brushes for the full recommended two minutes.

To learn more ways to encourage your child to brush his or her teeth effectively, schedule a consultation with a pediatric dentist in your area.


7 April 2016

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