2 Reasons You Might Need A Root Canal

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If you have ever had a root canal you know it can quite the process. Even though the actual procedure may be simple, the healing and the pain before can be difficult. However, root canals are one of the best things for the state of your teeth, and without this procedure you might have to have a whole tooth extracted. Here are some reasons why you might need a root canal.

1. An Abscessed Tooth

One common thing that can happen to your teeth is for one of them to become infected. A tooth can become infected for a variety of reasons. You should also be aware that you could have a tooth become infected that has previously been worked on. For instance, you could have a crown on one of your teeth, and the tooth underneath could get a cavity, but because a crown is there you don't notice or see it on the x-rays. Over time the cavity progresses until it gets into the root of the tooth, infecting the gums.

When you have an abscessed tooth you will probably experience a good deal of pain and have swelling around the tooth. There usually is a pocket of puss that accumulates around the tooth so that you  have a marble-like growth of infected pus that sits on the top of the tooth. This is a problem that shouldn't be ignored, seeing that if you do the infection could spread and become dangerous.

If you have an abscessed tooth the dentist will first give you an antibiotic to help clear up the infection. After the infection has gone down, then they will perform the root canal. This will protect the root of the tooth and the gums so that the problem doesn't happen again.

2. An Exposed Nerve

In some cases you will get a cavity that hits right at the base of the tooth by the nerve. When this happens the nerve becomes exposed. This is very painful and if you have this problem you might experience pain when eating hot and cold foods, and just a general pain around the area. The dentist cannot fill the cavity without performing a root canal. If they did they might damage the nerve. This is why a root canal is such a lifesaver for many people. It protects the teeth and saves the individual from a great deal of pain.

These are just two reasons why you might need a root canal. If you suspect you need a root canal, talk to a dentist like Baker Allan DDS right away. 


27 October 2015

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