3 Ways To Improve Your Oral Health At The Office

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It is not easy navigating a busy schedule when you work in an office. Your days are jam-packed and changing your routine can be difficult. Even so, you should always make your oral health a priority. It is easy to implement a few small changes into your day-to-day life in order to benefit your oral health. Here are three easy, everyday tips for improving your oral health at the office.

Swap out a cup of coffee for green tea.

Coffee helps boost you out of the morning fog, but in the afternoon you should swap out your cup of java in favor of a cup of green tea. Iced or hot, green tea helps to protect your gums. The American Academy of Periodontology ran a study that revealed that green tea helps to reduce symptoms of gum disease. Green tea is packed with the antioxidant catechin; this antioxidant helps to reduce inflammation of the gums. Participants in the green tea group in this study reported a decrease in the following gum disease symptoms: bleeding upon probing of the tissue, clinical attachment loss of gum tissue, and periodontal pocket depth.

Snack on orange wedges instead of sweet treats.

When you feel your energy flagging or you want to grab a snack before your next break, you should have some orange wedges. Oranges and other citrus fruits help you battle gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis. A recent study revealed that periodontitis is associated with low levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream. Vitamin C also helps to boost your immune system in general. If you aren't in the mood for oranges, you can also get your daily dose of vitamin C with tangerines, red bell peppers, and tangelos. These foods can be incorporated in a healthy fruit salad for breakfast or in a salad for lunch.

Brush your teeth or drink a glass of water after having caffeine.

Lattes, Americanos, and regular coffees help to keep your energy up, but they can also cause your teeth to become susceptible to plaque. You should make sure that you clean your teeth and mouth after you drink an acidic, sugary beverage that is coffee-based. If you do not have a travel toothbrush on hand, then you should drink a full glass of water. The water helps to wash away acid and sugar particles that can bond with bad bacteria to form tooth-decaying plaque in your mouth.

Speak with your periodontist for more tips and professional care. 


29 July 2015

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