Dental Implants for Seniors

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As an aging adult, it is likely that when you think of obtaining a new smile the first thing that you will think about is new dentures. Even though there are other options like dental implants, if you are like a lot of seniors, you assume that dental implants are a solution more for a younger patient. However, this is not actually true as there are many older adults who get implants just the same as younger people. Here are a few of the most common questions you may have about dental implants as an aging adult. 

Will all cosmetic dentists offer dental implants if you are older than the average patient?

Not every cosmetic dentist will offer implants to people who are over a certain age only because there may be a slightly higher risk of issues and healing. However, most of the cosmetic dentists will treat you and assess whether you would be a good candidate without regard to your age. Overall, the dentist will be looking at your specific case and health. 

What differences can you expect after the procedure if you are older?

Overall the days following the procedure will likely be the same as any other patient. However, your cosmetic dentist may require you to come in for follow-up visits more often just to ensure that you are healing as you should. The overall healing process may take a little longer as an older adult, just because your body cells do not usually renew themselves as quickly as they once did. 

Can you still have dental implants if you have issues with bone loss?

Bone loss and deterioration is a common problem with older adults, especially if you have certain diseases and conditions, such as osteoporosis or even diabetes. Even though bone loss will affect even the jaw bones in your mouth where implants would be placed, this does not always mean that implants would be out of the question. Bone grafts can be placed first to create a more stable structure for the implants to attach. However, you may have a higher risk of even the bone grafts not adhering to the existing bone. 

When it comes down to it, even if you are a senior you may be able to have a dental implant procedure. Talk openly with your preferred cosmetic dentist, one like Alaska Dental Arts, bout what you would like and what your options may be. 


10 July 2015

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