2 Orthodontic Myths You May Believe

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Modern medical science has progressed to a point where cosmetic problems can be corrected through the use of braces. Unfortunately, there are a couple of myths about orthodontic treatments that many people make the critical mistake of believing. If you're a parent and have a child that might need orthodontic care, read on.

Myth: It's Simple to Determine if Treatments Are Needed

There are many orthodontic problems that are easy to spot. However, it is important to note that if you're trying to determine if your child needs treatment, a child's mouth is constantly growing and changing. As a result, it is possible for relatively minor issues to develop into major cosmetic and functional problems. 

Due to the fact that these issues can rapidly develop, you should have your child's mouth inspected by a professional orthodontist at least once a year. These individuals will have the tools needed to evaluate the way that the teeth are growing into the mouth, and this can make it easier to determine if there are developmental issues. By correcting these problems before they are able to develop into major issues, you can help reduce the difficulty and cost of correcting the teeth. 

Myth: Braces Are too Expensive to Get

Sadly, some parents may not get their child corrective braces because they assume that they will be unable to afford these devices. While it is true that braces are a significant investment, a beautiful smile for your child can be a priceless investment. Fortunately, there are a couple of options that can help you make paying for this treatment an easier task. 

Many dental insurance plans provide coverage for orthodontic procedures. If your policy does not currently have this coverage, you can switch policies, and the orthodontic coverage will usually start after a couple of months. Also, there are many orthodontists that provide patients with financing terms. 

When you finance the braces, you will need to make a payment before each visit to the orthodontist. While this will increase the cost of each visit, it can prevent you from having to pay for the braces outright before they are put in place. 

Cosmetic dental problems are a routine problem that many children will encounter as their mouths develops. Fortunately, orthodontists such as Thomas H. Seal DDS are able to effectively correct the majority of these problems through the use of braces. However, if you believe these two myths, you may forgo getting your child this treatment, and this can cause them to have a poor smile for the rest of their lives. 


11 December 2014

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