Four Signs You Need To Get Dental Implants

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In addition to diminishing your appearance, missing teeth can also result in several health issues. For instance, missing teeth provide bacteria with sufficient access to your gums to cause an infection. However, most people don't see the necessity to get a dental implant, especially if the missing teeth are not an issue to their self-confidence. However, a dental implant can help solve several dental issues in addition to restoring your self-confidence.

11 May 2021

Top 4 Benefits Of Having A Family Dentist

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One of the best things you can do for your kids is to ensure they're in good health. And, of course, this includes good dental health. Start by teaching them proper oral hygiene practices such as flossing and regular brushing. This can protect them from many dental health issues as they grow.  Unfortunately, both children and adults can develop dental health issues that are beyond their control. Think of an accident that causes tooth loss or teeth discoloration from consuming too much coffee.

27 March 2021

Why Are You Getting Cavities If You Watch Your Sugar Intake?

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Oral bacteria like to consume sugars. After consuming sugars, oral bacteria produce acidic byproducts which are responsible for cavities. While you may already know that you can reduce your risk of cavities by limiting your sugar intake, you may be wondering if there are other ways you can develop cavities. Here are a few reasons why you could develop cavities even with a good diet. Your Family is Passing on Bacterial Strains

11 February 2021

2 Ways To Fix Common Tooth Flaws

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Two common flaws that people have with their teeth are chips and stains. If you have chips and stains on your front teeth, you might decide to fix these issues by visiting a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists specialize in fixing flaws like these, and a dentist might recommend one of the following procedures to fix these common tooth problems. Dental Veneers The first option that your dentist might suggest is veneers.

29 December 2020

What's Living In Your Mouth? Dealing With The Effects Of Bacteria

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No matter how meticulous you are about dental hygiene, your mouth undoubtedly contains millions of bacteria. These tiny micro-organisms thrive in warm, wet, and sweet environs like a mouth and they cause little to no harm in most cases. Read on to find out what can happen when those relatively docile bacteria levels begin to rise and create more and more dental problems. The Formation of Plaque on Your Teeth

18 November 2020

Four Ways To Make Implant Placement More Comfortable

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If you want to get a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, you may be concerned about the process of placing any necessary bone grafts and implants. But implant surgery should not be painful, and there are several ways you and your dentist can work together to make it a comfortable experience for you. Discuss Your Concerns With Your Dentist While discussing your treatment options with your dentist, you should ask about pain management.

14 September 2020

Is Gum Disease Putting The Rest Of Your Body At Risk?

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Gum disease is a major nuisance, but some people don't believe that it's anything more than that. The sad reality is, gum disease can put your entire life at risk if you don't know what you're doing in taking care of it. Without help from a dentist and proper care at home, this is what you could be facing someday in your future. Brain The first thing you need to know is that scientists and doctors believe that the bacteria responsible for gum disease can get into the bloodstream.

27 December 2019

Getting Dental Implants? 4 Tips To Help With The Recovery Process

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When you get dental implants, you undergo oral surgery. As with all types of surgery, it is important to get the right amount of rest and to fully recover following your surgery. You will recover faster from your surgery when you know what to expect. Expect Discomfort Immediately after your surgery, your mouth will more than likely still be numb from the local numbing agent that the dentist applied before starting the surgery.

25 November 2019

3 Signs You Should See The Dentist

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It is important to know when you should go to the dentist, just like you should know when to go see your regular doctor. It is important to see your dentist every six months for a cleaning and check-up. However, there are also other situations that may require you to go and see your dentist, which is why it is important for you to know the signs that you need to see the dentist.   Sign #1: You Gums Are Bleeding During Regular Dental Care 

28 October 2019

What To Do When Your CPAP Drives Your Partner Crazy

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Having sleep apnea can be difficult, but chances are it's no walk in the park for your partner either. Sleep apnea can result in extremely loud snoring that can endanger your health and also keep your partner up all night.  While CPAP machines can make things easier for you by opening up your airway and preventing you from losing oxygen while you sleep, chances are it's still not great for your partner.

4 October 2019