Here's Why Dental Implants Are About Getting Back To Normal, Not A New Normal

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Getting dental implants may seem like you're making a pretty significant change in your life, and you wouldn't be wrong. However, the reality of the situation is that growing accustomed to dental implants is pretty easy for most people because it's restoring you back to the old normal of having and caring for your teeth. Here's why getting dental implants is more about getting you back to the life you've been living rather than forcing you into a new lifestyle.

Natural Gum and Bone Health

Dental implants restore two things that were lost when you lost your teeth — gum health and bone health. Here's a quick explanation of both.

Gum health is typically improved by getting dental implants because of pressure. When you bite down on anything, it stimulates the gums by pushing blood out as you bite and then allowing it to flood back in when you release. When your teeth are lost, however, this mechanism is lost, and artificial tooth replacements like dentures don't do a good job of restoring it. However, implants do!

Dental implants boost bone strength by restoring the pressure transference to the bone, too. Pressure on a bone sends a signal to make it stronger, and the same is true of how your teeth and jaw bones interact. Since the titanium implants perform the same mechanism, you can expect to get back some of your lost bone mass.

Normal Cleaning Process

Dental implants don't force you to learn a new method of keeping your teeth clean like bridges and dentures both do. Instead, dental implants are taken care of the exact same way as real teeth — you floss them and you brush them. You can continue to use mouthwash, too, if that's your preference or a recommendation from your dentist. That's it! Nothing to take out or special tools that are needed; just good, old-fashioned home dental care.

Restoring Digestion

Finally, if you've been missing your teeth for a while now, you might see a benefit to your digestion after getting dental implants.

Implants do as good a job as real teeth when it comes to biting, chewing, and tearing through food. The process of chewing helps to begin the digestion process, so without it, you may have been experiencing a bumpy period of stomach or throat problems. Once you're chewing normally again, that should come to an end.

Dental implants help to restore a whole lot of what you've lost by losing your teeth. Get back to normal by asking your dentist for implants.

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2 July 2019

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