3 Ways To Temporarily Fix Ill-Fitting Dentures

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About 90% of the population that does not have any teeth do have dentures, so there are a lot of people who deal with these prosthetic teeth on a daily basis. While dentures can be an excellent way to replace missing teeth, dentures can also be bothersome if they do not fit properly. There are a few reasons why dentures can be ill-fitting, including if they are not made by a qualified denturist or even if the shape of your gums changes because of aging or weight loss. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to temporarily help your dentures fit better until you can get them resized. 

1. Use a denture reline kit to create a tighter fit temporarily. 

Denture reline kits can be purchased just about anywhere from department stores to drug stores. These kits contain an epoxy-like mix that you mix together and apply to the dentures. Once the mixture is in place on the dentures, you place your dentures in your mouth and bite down to create an impression of your gum line. Once the material sets, your dentures will usually fit a little tighter. This remedy is only temporary, however, and the material will gradually wear away. 

2. Try using a good brand of denture adhesive. 

When you initially get your dentures, you really should not have to use much or any adhesive as long as they were made properly. However, if the shape of your mouth changes over time, using denture adhesive can help hold your dentures in your mouth more firmly. Denture adhesive comes in both a gel form in a tube and a powder form. You can use either of them or both of them to create a more secure bond between your dentures and your gums. 

3. Find soft denture liners to hold your dentures more securely. 

Soft denture liners are almost like pads that you cut to fit the inner side of your dentures. When sized and placed properly, they prevent the denture from slipping around in your mouth while you speak or chew. There are several different types of soft denture liners; some are made of a fabric-like material, and others are almost like a solid gel. 

Dealing with ill-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing. If you are having problems with your dentures fitting properly, reach out to a dentist to talk about dental implants or denture resizing. 


8 February 2019

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